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Sleek & Beautiful


Things Are Going to Get Weird


“You are a true magician and it is amazing and inspiring to watch you.” - Millie D. Oakson, Vice President of Marketing, Friendship Retirement Group

Sleek & Beautiful


Rook has over 30 years of experience as a magic entertainer. He entertains adults, children, and everyone in between with his unique blend of enchantment, humor, and a touch of danger!

Sleek & Beautiful


An escape artist for over 40 years, Rook provides thrilling escapes against remarkable odds!

Sleek & Beautiful


Rook's performances focus on providing a sense of wonder, amazement, but most of all empowerment for those in the audience. It is important to Rook that the audience recognizes their own magic!

Sneak Preview

"We have received fantastic feedback from all of the sites and I am so glad I had the opportunity to come out and see the show..." - Leah Sergeant Palin, Community Services Specialist, City of Tempe

Sleek & Beautiful


With a bit of flexibility, persistence, and willingness, you'll find that no situations are inescapable.

Sleek & Beautiful

Bunnies and Doves and...

Rook frequently works with animals, including rabbits, doves, and even a snake!

Sleek & Beautiful


Everyone is engaged in Rook's performances!

Sleek & Beautiful


Rook takes on dangerous stunts such as swallowing razor blades, card tricks using animal traps, and catching paint balls with his teeth!